Why would I change the name of my Wi-Fi network?

You don’t just change the name (SSID) of your Wi-Fi network. By setting up your own wifis.org url (like wifis.org/example),you’ll give anyone in your Wi-Fi range the opportunity to contact you without them knowing who you are and where you live. Friendly neighbors might invite you to have a beer or ask you to share your internet access for a monthly payment. wifis.org is a new way of getting in touch with people around you. Be part of the community.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. wifis.org is and will always be a free service.

What do I have to do?

Follow these steps:
  1. Log in with your Google or Facebook account.
  2. Choose your wifis.org url.
  3. Go to the settings of your wireless router or modem.
  4. Change your wifi network’s name to your wifis.org url. (You need to change the SSID of your wireless router or modem.)
  5. Your wifi network should look like this now: wifis.org/example
  6. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure your Wi-Fi network is visible and secured with a password.
That’s all you have to do. Everyone within your Wi-Fi coverage will now be able to contact you by entering your wifis.org url in their browser window.

Can anyone use wifis.org?

Of course! All you have to know is how to change the name (SSID) of your Wi-Fi network. Obviously, your wireless router or modem has to support characters like ‘/’ and ‘.’. Please let us know, if you run into troubles.

How secure is wifis.org?

wifis.org is 100% anonymous and secure! You or your Wi-Fi network cannot be located through our website.
  • Your email address, your wifis.org ID and your messages are being securely saved in order to provide our service. Of course, none of your data will ever be exposed to third parties.
  • We only support logins with Facebook (?) and Google (?) at this time. Rest assured that we will never know, save or lose your password.
  • Further information can be found in our Terms Of Service.

    Anything else?

    Just sign up and discover many more features like

    How to delete your account and data?

    wifis.org only saves the absolute minimum amount of data required: your email and name. If you nevertheless want to make sure this data is deleted, please request a deletion with an email to [email protected]